External Affairs Manager

Company Uganda Baati Limited
Reference # UBL26102021
Published 24/11/2021
Contract Type Permanent
Salary Market Related
Location Kampala, Central, Uganda
The incumbent is responsible for managing relationships with Uganda Baati Limited’s external stakeholders, building impactful advocacy mainly in government as well as its agencies, industry players, consumer groups, community leaders and advocating for a competitive business environment.
Job Functions Advisory,Communications,Public Relations
Industries Manufacturing
a)To lobby government (Central & Local) and regional trading blocs and advocate for development of policies, regulations and laws for improved business competitiveness (Tariffs, Taxes, Charges, Input costs, efficient transport and logistics, illicit trade, standards).
b)To work collaboratively with industry associations to advocate for regulation and policies that improve business competitiveness.
c)To advise the management team regarding how external issues may affect the companies adversely.
d)Provide the business with timely regulatory insights/updates to support decision-making.
e)Advise management on anything that might result in the company’s reputational risk
f)Maintain useful and credible contact lists with government agencies, regulatory authorities and industry lobby associations. Ensure UBL’s representation at their events.
g)Communicate company position to Government, Institutions and other Stakeholders by preparing evidence-based submissions challenging factors that affect business competitiveness
h)Participate, together with UBL’s Business Head or senior management team in committees within the relevant government ministries to advocate the company`s position on all matters that affect business or that will be beneficial to the industry.
i)Lobby external stakeholders on new government regulations that require input before the regulations are implemented if they are of an adverse nature to the steel industry.
j)Provide timely, accurate and comprehensive intelligence of political, policy and stakeholder developments and advice how to influence any opportunities or mitigate potential risks.
k)Collect data and market intelligence on factors that affect company competiveness e.g. sub-standards, counterfeits, change of tariffs and levies, logistics and any other competiveness factor along the value chain.
l)Build awareness of UBL’s operations to external Stakeholders and advocate UBL’s Agenda
m)Undertake other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned.
Qualifications required:
•Minimum academic qualification: A degree level qualification.
•Qualifications as an added advantage: Masters in Business Administration
•Professional registration: Added Advantage
Experience required:
•General work experience (years): A minimum 10 years’ experience in a senior management position
•Specific to the position (level/discipline/years): at least 8 years’ hands-on experience in dealing with Government Ministries and agencies, Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda National Bureau of Standards, Sector Specific Associations, Uganda Manufacturing Association, Private Sector Foundation of Uganda, Steel Industry Regulators, Architects and Surveyors and other relevant Professional bodies.
•Knowledge of Government Budget Making Cycle
•Industry: Good knowledge of the Manufacturing Industry
•Lobbying: Evidence of having lobbied government for the creation or abolition of protectionist tariffs.
•Added Advantage: Specific Experience in the steel industry
Job Closing Date 04/12/2021
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